Monday, June 24, 2013

Gift Wrapping "Station"

I'm sure you avid pinners have seen gift wrapping rooms all over Pinterest and drool with jealousy like I do. Shoot, I'm not even passionate about gift wrapping but the rooms look so organized and beautiful I want one.

I do NOT have space in my apt to dedicate a room/closet simply for gift wrapping.

The first blog I ever started following was Cupcakes and Cashmere. Everything she does is beautiful. She posted a DIY of her version of a wrapping station. I love it. I love that its over the door and doesnt take up a whole room. It's small enough to hide but big enough to to do some creative wrapping.

Since my wrapping materials aren't that extensive I searched the Container Store website to find the perfect wrapping "station" for my needs.

Remember: tiny apt, roommates, no room, building up supplies

Until I can work up to a gift wrapping room my "station", though small, will fit neatly under my bed, out of the way, which I LOVE.

I can't wait to wrap some gifts!

Total Cost: $15.00

Use to shove all my supplies in a reusable tote...

How do you organize your supplies?!

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