Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Tassel

To make tassels I followed two tutorials. After I made two following this first tutorial I decided I should just buy them. Luckily before I bought them I ran into this second tutorial. The second tutorial was so much easier. I made four pairs of tassels, following the second tutorial, in the time it took me to make one pair.

Total Cost per Tassel: $0.00 (I had everything on hand!)

Apologies if the pictures are not to scale and my hair on the ground (I shed like a dog lol)

-embroidery floss

$0.00     Embroidery Floss
$0.00     Tassel Template
$0.00     Tape


Tassel 1

1. Measure string, double of how long you want your tassel to be
2. I cut 15 strings (so when it was folded in 1/2 it would be 30) I lined them up to make sure they were even. Cut any excess string
3. Tie a little bit of string around the center and double knot it
4. Measure out an inch or so of string to wrap around. Fold the 15 strings in half and begin wrapping around tassel. Make sure to leave the ends poking out so you can knot it.
5. Fin

Tassel 2

1. Find or cut a piece of cardboard you want to use as the tassel template. Make sure it's the size of the tassel you want when the cardboard is folded in half. Duct tape the sides so it doesn't fling open.
2. Cut string long enough to cover the length of the template, and tape it to the top. I used masking tape simply because it would not leave my string sticky. Begin to wrap the string (leaving the end piece at the bottom) around the template. I wrapped it 15 times.
3. Remove the string from under the tape. Tie a double knot.
4. Cut the bottom
5. Cut another piece of string, maybe 2-3 inches and begin to wrap around the tip of the tassel. Leave a little extra hanging out so that you can tie it at the end. If you look closely you can see my knot. It kind of gets lost.
6. Fin

Let me know if you have any questions!

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